Siavash Damirian

Piano solist
Bachelor in art(piano) :Tehran Azad university Master in art:Richard wagner conservatorie Vienna Artistic experience:

Piano recital:Tehran roudaki concerthall
Piano recital:Tehran Kirche der deutschen(german church) Piano recital:Arian culture hause
Piano recital:Tehran Sayeh art gallery
Piano recital:Hafez concerthall shiraz
Vocal recital:Tehran roudaki concerthall
Piano recital:Kaisersal wien
Piano recital:Johannes klaviersal wien
Piano recital:Gatterburggasse festsal
Piano recital:Spitelberg theater
Piano recital:Ehrbar sal wien
Piano recital:Canisiuse church wien

Vocal recital:Canisiuse church wien
Piano recital:Musicschool concert sal Norden Germany Piano recital:Kirche gemeinde hause Hage Germany

Piano Recital:Contemporary Persian Composers Concert in Mahoor music institute shiraz iran Piano Recital and Vocal Recital:Germany’s Association in Antaliya Turkey
Beethoven evening:Germany’s Association Antalya Turkey
Christmass concert :Germany’s Association Antalya Turkey

Piano recital in Antalya kultur sanaat turkey
Piano recital in Mahoor music Academi(Contemporary music evening) in Shiraz Recital in Cinema museum iran
Concert tour around iran,Piano &Violen recital
Piano recital in music museume of iran
Piano recitals in Tehran music Conservatory


Teaching Experiences:
Zafar Music Academi iran Tehran
Neilabak Music Academi iran Tehran
Nikahang Music Academi iran Tehran
Master class in arm melody music Academi iran Tehran
Music School Piano Art Innsbruck Austria
Wolkersdorf Music Academi Vienna Austria
Antalya Modern Sanat Academi
Private Lessons in Iran,Austria,Turkey
Tehran Conservatory of music
Kamalolmolk art university(Harmony,Music Theory &Form in music)



Piano Master Class with Sir Andreas Chef Vienna
Piano Master Class with Mirza Kapetenovic Tehran
Piano Master Class with Stefan Mueller Vienna
Piano Master Class with Delbar Hakimova Doshanbe Conservatorie Tadzhikistan Helmut Lachenmann Seminar MDW university Vienna

Piano courses under supervision of prof:JOO AN KOH,Prof:NEELY BANOVA,prof:RAPHAEL MINASKANIAN,Prof:STEFAN MUELLER,Prof:JOSEF STOLZ,

Harmony,Countrapoint and Form in music under supervision of Prof.Dr.Farid Omran,Prof.Dr.Mehran Rouhani,Prof.Alireza Mashaiekhy,Prof.Oliver Weber.Prof.Josef stolz,Prof.Helmut Lachenmann

Piano Master Class with MAESTRO ALFRED BRENDEL (Piano Concerrto nr 3 Beethoven)VIENNA Conducting Master Class with MAESTRO MORIS JANSON VIENNA

Conducting Master Class with MAESTRO JOSEF STOLZ VIENNA



Unheared 1 recorded in Tehran Univrsity Staudio

Unheared 2
recorded in MDW University Staudio Vienna

Contemporary persian Composers Works
Conquare the Garden by Mahsa Siavashi.based on forough farrokhzad poem. Unhreared 3 in process(Persian and Austrian composers)



History of music in ancient time (since Paleolethic till Meso America Civilization)

Music Theory







To introduce the Persian classical music and standard classical music repertoire in solo concerts and with ensembles

To play as a soloist with different orchestras
To Conduct Contemporary Persian composers and standard Repertoire