Soheil Shirangi (1987Iran)

(Supervisor Of Dream House Ensemble)

– Graduate of  Tehran Conservatory. He took a piano course with professors like Bahram Dehghanyar and Valentin Rokamanykvf and others.

– He also participated in group and private classes of professors such as Nader Mashayakhi, Ardavan Vosoughi, Shahrdad Rohani, Joachim Heintz and Dimitri Papageorgiou.

– He also has participated in several online composition workshops in the US, professors such as Professor Anne M.Guzzo, Basil Considine.

– Since 2011 Music teacher privately and in several Music Academy in Tehran, Lessons such as piano, Music theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Form and Practical Composition.

2012- 2016 Manager  Of  Parsik Ensemble(Consisting of piano, strings, percussion and Traditional Instruments).

– Since 2016 Member and Since 2019 supervisor of Bass Ensemble in Iran Philharmonic Choir.

– Since 2017 Member of the Music Association of Iran Music Composers and Contemporary Music Center

– 2017 Second Person Tehran International Electronic Music Festival Award.

– 2018 Candidate best composers Thirty-third Fajr festival.

– 2018 Earning a diploma of the III International Contest of Choral Composing  named after AD Kastalsky.

– 2018 Participate at Contemporary Music Festival  At University and Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany.

– 2018 Launched the Ensemble of Dream House, dedicated to the performance of contemporary composers In Tehran, Iran and Continuous performance in some festivals and halls and recording in recent years.

– 2019 August Scholarship holder at the Hamburg Media Festival.

– 2020 Earning a diploma of the third person of the Orginsky International Composing Competition (for orchestra) in Belarus.

– 2022 A joint performance with Thomas Percy in New York and an event in the city of Resinler.

– 2022 The winner of the second place of the composition of the CBU University scholarship for writing the work of Samat(Duet For Violin and Cello).

– Among his other works can be mentioned To compose several theaters and short films.

– His works have also been performed in countries such as Iran, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Romania and United States.

-From his published albums he can be Mentioned To The:

2016 “Image”)Independent album (That was published by the Pardis Contemporary Music, Tehran, Iran.

2017 “sunset in the woodland” An album from him and other choices of the second part of the compilation contest Reza korurian, Published by Yaravah Group, Tehran, Iran.

2019 “Two Minutes” by him and other composers released by Phasma Music Company in Athens, Greece.

2020 ” Noise à Noise 20.2″ by him and other composers Published by Noise Record Label, Tehran, Iran.

” 2020 Spectrum, Vol. 1″ by him and other composers released by Phasma Music Company in Athens, Greece.

2020 “Aakati” by him and other composers released by Nous Records, London, England.

2020  “Kashkool”  one Track by him Published by Zang Records, California, US.

2021  “Maelstrom”  The Common Album With Shervin Abbasi, Published By Arpaviva Music, Los Angeles and Paris.

2021 ” LAMENT FOR THEODORE “ The Album For Theodore Antoniou, released by Naxos Music Company in Athens, Greece.

2021 The Single Track “Autumn” Music On Forugh Farokhzad Poem by him Published by Zang Records, California, US.

2021 The Single Track “Samat” by him Published by Sheed Records, New York, US

2022  The Single Track  “Ghased”(For Tenor and piano) a vocal piece on a Ghazal by Hafez, with the voice of Mr Rashid Vatandust, Published by Sheed Publishing, New York, United States.

2022  “Visions of darkness Volume II” is an electro-acoustic collection of works by Iranian composers, published by Cold Spring Records.

2023 The Single Track  “MEHRE PENHAN“(For a cappella choir) Vocal piece on a Ghazal by Rumi, Performed by Iran Philharmonic Choir , Published by Javan Publishing, Tehran, Iran.


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